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Taking Down New York’s Rich and Powerful

First, there’s a daring, daylight robbery of a top Wall Street Investment Firm.

Next, several prominent New York City judges start showing up dead,in the middle of the night, still curiously dressed in judicial robes. Their bodies, despite heavy area security, have mysteriously and meticulously been placed at the city’s ten most famous locations, including: the Statue Of Liberty, Times Square, the Empire State Building, even Yankee Stadium.

Then, an intense 48 hours later, Lt. Michael Maggio, a 19 year veteran detective of the NYPD, literally chases after and confronts his main suspect, a man known only as, “Mr. Silver”.

To the Lieutenant’s surprise, Silver hypothetically admits that, ”yes”, he’s responsible for both the Wall Street robbery, and the dead judges. He then reveals a startling, multi-faceted connection between the two cases, and more importantly, why the crimes were committed.

In fact, Silver’s reasons are so compelling, and the information he provides so illuminating, that Lt. Maggio, coming from the “purest” sense of justice, decides to let Silver go free.

Now, however, the steely detective must unravel a far greater mystery in order to hopefully stop a truly evil, sinister plot. One where 1000’s of innocent New Yorkers could become additional victims to the overwhelming influence, and corrupt reach, of New York’s “Rich and Powerful”.

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Cupid versus a Conman in a very sexy, quirky mystery!

A ruggedly handsome, blind date, known as “Lucky” shows up
at 27 year old, Diane Manning’s Greenwich Village apartment.
Diane, or “Di” for short, is a sweetheart of a person, and has
always believed in “love at first sight”.

Diane is instantly attracted to Lucky, although he is not at all
who he pretends to be. So, Di continually catches him in one
falsehood after another. However, he has a gifted conman’s
supreme ability to explain everything away by using lie after lie,
each one more outrageous than the one before.

While he is simply there to con her, he begins to feel something
that he’s never felt for one of his “marks”. Could it be, that for the
first time in his life, he’s actually falling in love?

He desperately tries to complete his con, but he feels overwhelmed by her constant, open-hearted expressions of affection.

She literally pulls out every amorous move from her own bag of tricks, as she delights and tantalizes Lucky with a cheer-leading strip tease, and a sexy, fun-loving game of hide and seek.

By the evening’s end, both “conman” and “sweetheart” have each been conned. But, neither one would ever change a thing because they are both, madly, hopelessly, and for all time,“head over heels” in love.

Outstanding – Charming – Cunning and Delightful…
Carla Rupp – Show Business Theater Reviews

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He must do the impossible, in order to save his son.

Former Police Detective, and retired intelligence consultant,
Michael Maggio, is forced to come out of early retirement.

His new assignment, save another child, but his time, it’s his
own four year old son, Christopher. Surprisingly, Maggio gets
helps from a truly unexpected source, his long, estranged,
76 year old father.

Although the two men have not seen, or spoken to each other
for over 30 years, the circumstances are so dire that Det. Maggio
will work with anyone, and go to any length, to achieve his goals.

Together, they need confront and expose the corruption of some
of Europe’s most “high and mighty”, including powerful forces,
deep within the Vatican itself.

Then, despite Vatican City’s 24 hr guard, of one hundred Swiss
Army soldiers, Maggio must find a way of getting into, and then
out of the Vatican, completely undetected.

It’s a task that’s considered virtually impossible, and in 514 years,
no one has ever breached the Vatican successfully. However, for
his endangered son’s safety, Det. Maggio must do the impossible.

If not, Det. Maggio, his father, and Maggio’s little boy will all die.

From # 1 Best Selling Author – Anthony Costa

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If he saves a life, he redeems his soul…

A “seemingly” racist police detective torments his prime suspect,
a gentle, 24 year old, Asian male. The suspect’s being questioned
about a series of murders where all the victims look so strikingly
alike, their bodies can hardly be told apart..

The young man is a music grad student, and the adoptive son of
an extremely wealthy Caucasian businessman. The young man’s
also horrified by his treatment at the hands of the main detective.

After a desperate escape from the local police precinct, the young
grad student, hides out in Chinatown. He assumes it’ll be much
harder for the authorities to spot him there. He then regroups, and
decides to become his own detective in order to clear his name.

However, his inexperienced, investigative efforts only get him into
more trouble as the murders continue, and the mystery deepens.
He then joins forces with an unlikely ally to work through a labyrinth
of clues with the hope of bringing the real perpetrator to justice.

WINNER Screenplay Division –
Los Angeles International Film Festival

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A modern Cain and Abel classic of Love and Redemption

Kristian Fraga - biographer of famed Hollywood director, Tim Burton

David Alaimo was once a gusty and brilliant master thief has been living the straight life for several years. However, he’s now being forced to join up with his still criminal brother, Jules.

Together, they must confront the dark world of David’s past because David’s pregnant wife and teenage niece have been kidnapped. David sets out on a perilous mission, only to discover a “deadly secret” that may very well cost him his life, and Jules’ life as well.

With the odds stacked against him, David must navigate a complex maze of lies and deceit, if he is to have any chance a saving his family.

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