Anthony costa

Award Winning - Best Selling Author

Anthony is a #1 Best Selling author, a multi-award winning writer,
director, actor, editor and filmmaker, and devout social and human
rights activist. During the past five years alone, he’s signed over
50,000 petitions to fight injustice at home and around the world.

Anthony also created the self-help program,
“Freeing Your Inner Winner”. Due to its success, he was a sought
after Inspirational Speaker appearing as the Keynote Guest in close
to 300 seminars for businesses, colleges, Wall Street firms and the
Entertainment Industry.

Additionally, Anthony toured as a lead singer, songwriter, guitarist in
more than 800 live concerts for audiences of up to 15,000 people
and was on National Public Radio’s daily playlist.

He’s also worked with Academy Award Winners as a Master Sound
Designer, and is currently sound designing and composing the score for he’s latest feature film, “A Little Crime Of Passion”… This newest movie is a modern, film noir (neo noir) murder mystery, Inspired byactual events